Resources American Legion Committee on Colored Activities—22nd National Convention, 1940 The US Armed Forces were segregated until the late 1940s, and the American Legion followed suit. This program from the Committee on Colored Activities for the American Legion’s 1940 national convention in Boston announced events of interest for African American attendees and their families. The program also provided an opportunity for… Read More

American Legion Post No. 5: A home with a rich history

Perhaps the American Legion Post’s most distinctive artifact is its home, a rust-colored rowhouse on North Capitol Street, at the juncture of the rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods of Edgewood, Bloomingdale and Eckington. Post No. 5 acquired the home in 1954, after selling its original home on Vermont Avenue Northwest. Both houses were purchased by fundraising among members; the North Capitol Street house was purchased for about $13,500. Read More

The Story Behind the Memorabilia

The American Legion James Reese Europe Post No. 5, named after the famous 369th infantry bandleader, was founded at Irving Hall in Southwest Washington, D.C. The idea to start the Post came when World War I veteran Alexander Mann initiated a meeting with other fellow African American veterans. On June 27, 1919, Mann and 23 other veterans were issued the fifth American Legion charter,… Read More